Thursday, December 20, 2012

COC-PHINMA’s Intramurals 2012

Grand Opening
Three days were given for the eight fervent conquerors to get to the top and wave the championship banner for COC-PHINMA’s Intramurals 2012 last September 6-8, at the College quadrangle. It seemed a “bloody war” as the defending champion. The Enforcer (School of Criminology and Criminal Justice) retained the title to the seven entrants – Flaming Dragon (College of Management and Accountancy), College of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (CEA) Stallions, College of Information Technology (CIT) Falcons, Blazing Phoenix (College of Education), Vigorous Pythons (College of Nursing), Majestic Wizards (College of Arts and Sciences) and The Lycans (COC-PHINMA Puerto Campus). These teams have almost whipped the championship title but the defending champion didn’t give the opportunity to do so. But what is in the champion title that in every Intramurals, these colleges would do everything to get it by all means?

1st challenge
Being the champion or being on the top makes each college so famous especially in the field they excelled in. Students from other colleges will look up to them or hate them for winning the game. But what makes the championship title so vital is the pride that they could boast with which makes them so notable.

To triumph in every game is one of the best things that the players can do for their department. But if they will successfully win the game by being deceitful then they are bringing infamy to their college and to themselves. Winning is always about being fair and unbiased. Thus, winners who cheat aren’t winners at all; they are just rogues who keep on deceiving others that they are preeminent and they are the ones who won’t agree of the thought of being defeated.

Falcon Flag
Falcon Flag

Losing a game doesn’t totally define a team and it doesn’t mean that they are totally weak.
Sometimes, circumstances make the game more difficult for team to grasp the chance on being on the top and show what they really got. Accepting defeat is one of the most courageous virtues that a player could do and it only illustrates the best manifestation of sportsmanship. It doesn’t portray weakness if a team totally embraces loss; it only indicates that it is truly resilient.

Others might admit their downfall but there are other people who just can’t deal with it. They would find fallacious alibi they could use in arguing on why they didn’t get that spot and how the other teams played it fraudulently. They begin to pollute the whole game even though there’s nothing filthy about it. The real losers aren’t those who are in the last list of champions but those people who would do everything even if it’s already inequitable and against the rules.

CIT Falcon Team
CIT Falcon Team
The real meaning of Intramurals is about having fun and enjoyment in every game one is into. Everyone should be united so that things would run smoothly and no one would be so furious while in the game. It’s not bad to take things seriously just to be on the top but what’s totally awful is when they smack someone whether he/she is a friend or not. It could only be called “sportsmanship” when the defeated one accepts the truth that this time around, they have been whitewashed by their toughest competitor instead of feeling anxious. Be happy and feel fortunate that the game was being played well and that everyone exerted all his/ her effort. In a game, there’s only one who could be upheld as winner but it doesn’t’ mean that others are entirely losers; they are also going to be winners in their own exact time.

About Photography

CIT General Assemble
During our CIT General Assemble
Every one of us can be a photographer even you do not have any training how to shot a subject as long as you have a camera that will function very well and know how to play on it. A good photographer does not require a high speed cameras even a high lenses camera or an expensive one. One thing that you need to know about being a good photographer is to know or to decide what art form you like to express or to deliver to your viewer.


CIT Tour at Cebu
CIT Tour at Cebu
 Photography is an expansive art form that includes more than just portraiture, landscape or glamour photography. Some of these photography types are Photojournalism, Documentary Photography, Action Photography, Macro-photography, Microphotography, Glamour Photography, Aerial Photography, Underwater Photography, Art Photography, Advertising Photography, Travel Photography and Portraiture like Wedding Photography. Both professional and amateur photographers may be favor specific types of photography over the others. While a professional photographer may work in photojournalism and the amateur may be particularly interested in macro-photography.

Birthday Celebration
Birthday Celebration
Photography is the best because it is not just captures the event that we tackle or happened on that day but also it captures the memories, happenings, the laughter’ even sorrows that we made our day more completely than the other day. Photo images can also help us to remember the past which brought us big smile in our faces and joyful to our heart. Pictures that will bring us rejoice when we see it again. We can even feel and imagine the pictures base on what images shown back to the old times. Sometimes we put some additional imagination or animation to the pictures to put some trill or excitement while we are imagining the pictures.  That is how photography reflects our self.

Photographs are part of our legacy. Once I remember when I suppose to go to the market riding on a jeepney as it passes the Kinder-garden playground where all children were standing for the picture taking. The teachers are sat on the front row and behind them, hundreds of children neatly in their prospective uniform outfit. We were passing just as the photographer clicked the shutter. Everyone got a big smile every time the photographer takes a shot and you can really feel their enjoyment.  A couple generations later we will realize that these might be a surface among old papers in an antic and someone would search for granddad among the fresh young faces. Photographs matter because they freeze moments of our lives which pass unremarkable and which seem to have little importance to us at the time. The significance, however, may be for others who search for the person we once were or the places we once knew. They can be small pieces of a jigsaw that complete the larger picture of our lives.

CdeO Festival 2012
And to round out this theme, photography, through its ability to help you to see the details and notice the beauty around you, it also helps you to truly live in the present. When you shoot, you have to be aware of everything if you want to capture it. Photography focuses you on the present, which is incredibly valuable!